Hydrolats: Make the experience scent-sational.

By Prestige Media Team
June 18, 2019

“Hydrolats” (also known as Hydrosols) may sound complex but they’re actually quite simple—not to mention calming and even therapeutic. Hydrolats are simply floral-infused waters. They’re also the perfect way to enhance almost any spa treatment. Safe and natural, hydrolats set an unforgettable tone of relaxation and rejuvenation—and help set you apart from the spa or salon down the road.


Hydrolats and their effects:

Lavender calms, cools and soothes skin. It’s also mildly antiseptic.

Orange helps brighten dull complexions and is also used to combat the effects of colds and flus. It’s aroma is both uplifting and comforting.

Peppermint is cool, refreshing and rejuvenating. Known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, peppermint hydrolats are often used to treat acne and even help reduce feelings of nausea.

Chamomile is another anti-inflammatory hydrolat, commonly used to treat skin redness and irritation. This hydrolat is perfect for facials and the treatment of rosacea.

Rose is treasured for its soothing and calming effect on the emotions. It also assists in hydration.


Integration into Your Treatments:

Hydrolats are commonly combined with water in a 50-50 mix, then spritzed around treatment areas, into towels, into facial gauze and even the clothes of clients to set a refreshing, relaxing mood.

How to use hydrolats to enhance your services:

– Spritz around all treatment areas, including bedding and curtains

– Add to rinse water bowls

– Add to treatment room cleansers

– Add to mani/pedi bowls

– Blend into face masques in place of facial toner

– Add to cotton eye disks as compresses (Chamomile and Rose hydrolats only!)

– Use to dampen facial gauze

– Spritz into steamed towels

– Add to the nozzle attachment of Dr. Lucas Pulverizer or spray toning attachment of a multi-purpose facial unit (follow manufacturer’s guidelines)

– Add to steaming devices (follow manufacturer’s guidelines)


Hydrolats can be found from a variety of reputable companies, and are a pure and economical option to manufactured scents.  Be sure to check the ingredients and stay away from any that add in alcohol or preservatives which may extend the shelf life but alter the natural benefits.  We proudly carry Hydrolats from Eve Taylor, a company with a long and reputable history of quality.  For more information, see our Hydrolat collection or click HERE for more information about Eve Taylor.

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