Prestige proudly carries the Eve Taylor collection of Aromatherapy Skincare Products

By Prestige Media Team
June 18, 2019

At Prestige, our goal is to help our customers help their clients look and feel their best.  That’s why we’re so proud to add Eve Taylor professional aromatherapy products to our product offerings.  Not only is Eve Taylor known for their superior blends of pure and natural ingredients, but they also provide the training and knowledge required to use essential oil-based products safely and economically.


Why add aromatherapy to your practice?  There are many great reasons:

  • Distinguish your practice.  A calm, soothing scent establishes your practice as a place of wellness the moment clients enter.  What’s more, studies show that our sense of smell is closely linked with memory.  Aromatherapy helps clients associate your practice with feelings of peace and tranquility – feelings they’ll remember long after each visit.
  • Calm anxious clients.  For many people, treatments like electrolysis, laser, or medispa procedures can stir feelings of tension and anxiety.  By filling the treatment space with scents that promote relaxation, you’ll not only make the first treatment experience easier for you and your client, you can also reduce apprehension about future treatment sessions.
  • Enhance revenue.  Once clients experience the soothing and indulgent sensations of aromatherapy during treatment sessions, they often want to purchase those scents to take home with them.  Many electrologists and therapists keep a supply of Eve Taylor aromatherapy diffusions, serums and skin care products on hand to sell to their clients, generating extra income for their practice.

As a brand designed for professionals, Eve Taylor products can’t be found in box stores.  This means you have an exclusive opportunity to offer your clients the balance and wellness that comes with using their products.


About Eve Taylor

First, Eve Taylor is a real person.  Using only pure, natural ingredients, Eve pioneered development of the world’s first professional aromatherapy skincare products in London, England, more than fifty years ago.

Her passion for using only those same natural ingredients – along with a good dose of imagination and innovation – to create the highest-quality products, remains alive and well today.  It’s why so many aestheticians, therapists and other clinicians all over the world insist on using only Eve Taylor products in their practices.

To ensure the quality of its products, Eve Taylor remains a family-owned and operated business and manufactures all of their products themselves in England.  All of Eve Taylor’s aromatherapy skin and body care products are non-comedogenic, and contain no mineral oils, SD alcohols, parabens or artificial additives.  What’s more, no animals are used in testing the company’s products.

Try their products once and you’ll discover what so many professional clinicians around the world already have – when it comes to inspiring a calm, soothing, blissful treatment experience, there is no substitute for Eve Taylor.


Product Notes:  All Eve Taylor products are blended by hand to maintain the integrity of all ingredients.  Undiluted essential oils should never be applied directly to the body.  To learn more about essential oils and their benefits, and to safely and effectively incorporate aromatherapy into your practice, we highly encourage you to enroll in FREE online aromatherapy training.  Topics include:

  • Proper selection and use of diffuser blends.
  • Special uses for diffuser blends, including oncology and more.
  • Treating stress and other conditions with essential oils
  • Answering additional questions.

To schedule your training, call a Prestige customer service representative today at 800-783-7403.


Want to know more about Eve? Check out this great interview with Eve Taylor, a pioneer in aromatherapy, skin care and aesthetic wellness.