Why Topicals are Suddenly a Hot Topic

By Prestige Media Team
March 6, 2019

Terri Ratay
Terri Ratay

Clinicians may not find much relief in the changes recently announced for two popular topicals.

The first—and most disappointing—is that Betacaine has been discontinued by its manufacturer. Ugh, we know. Here at Prestige we immediately tried to buy as much of the remaining stock as possible but the manufacturer quickly sold out.

Next, the manufacturer of SuperJuice3 (SJ3) has decided to modify its packaging. Until recently sold in 4-oz. bottles, SJ3 is now only available in generously portioned single-use non-resealable packets. The change also comes with a price increase.

If you regularly used either of these products, you may want to consider some changes or alternatives.

First, other topical brand choices abound. Options containing 5% Lidocaine include Topicaine, gel, L.M.X. cream, Zensa cream, and Vasocaine spray liquid. Products containing 4% Lidocaine—like SJ3—include Zcaine cream, Greencaine Blast cream gel, Lidocaine Plus gel and GIGI Anesthetic Numbing liquid spray. One other topical, Hurricaine, contains 20% Benzocaine and is intended for use inside the mouth only (for treatment of upper lips).

Obviously, if you’re an SJ3 user you don’t necessarily have to find a new brand. However, you may want to consider a new approach in how you offer the product to your clients.

The new large and pricier single-use SJ3 packets mean you can no longer dispense only the amount needed. If you include the topical as part of your treatment fee, that can significantly cut into your margin. One possibility you may want to consider is to charge clients an optional “a la carte” fee for using SJ3.

Another option may be to interest your clients in purchasing an alternative topical they can self-apply prior to future treatments. Of course, the main advantage SJ3 offers over other topicals is its extremely quick onset time of just a couple of minutes. However, with a little coaching (and possibly a reminder sheet of instructions), you may be able to get clients to apply their own topical to the designated treatment area an appropriate amount of time before their visit. What’s more, you may be able to generate a little extra revenue by selling topicals to your clients at their full retail price.

Have questions about topicals or any of the products Prestige sells? As always, we’re ready to assist you! Just call or email Prestige Customer Service.

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