Get a Grip on Which Tweezers Are Right for You

By Prestige Media Team
April 22, 2019

Jeepers creepers, look at all those tweezers! Different brands, different sizes, different shapes—how do you decide which ones are right for you?

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For starters, select the size you need. There are three standard sizes with different lengths and tips designed for different uses and preferences. These include:


  1. Oc9 – The most popular size. Oc9 tweezers are 3.5 inches long and feature fine tips for doing precise work without obscuring visibility of the surrounding area. These provide a comfortable fit for both one- and two-handed techniques.

  1. 3c – At 4.5 inches long, these tweezers provide additional length that makes them ideal for lash and brow treatments. However, many clinicians also find them great for electrolysis and other treatments. Like Oc9’s, these tweezers feature a fine tip for a high level of precision.

  1. H – Like Oc9 tweezers, H-size are 3.5 inches long. However, these tweezers feature a triangular-shaped tip that makes them perfect for shaping and “cleaning up” brows. These are the preferred choice of many electrologists and estheticians.




In addition to these three common sizes, there are also a variety of specialty tweezers designed for more specific uses. Ranging in lengths up to 5.25 inches, these choices also offer a spectrum of tip options, including extra-fine, curved and slanted. Prestige service representatives can help you select the right size for your specific needs.

After selecting the size you need, you’ll need to choose a brand. Prestige offers a range of brands to suit individual preferences in quality, grip and of course price. Whichever you choose, all these brands deliver quality and performance far superior to the ones you’ll find at the major online retail sites. Our brands include:

Regine – Precisely machined, polished and crafted using the finest stainless steel, Swiss-made Regine tweezers are the finest quality tweezers in the world. They’re designed especially for professionals who use tweezers every day and insist on working with only the best. Regine tweezers are available in all three standard sizes and seven specialty sizes, including the M3c—at 2.5 inches, the smallest size tweezers we sell.

Dumont – Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Dumont tweezers are surgical-grade, providing exceptional balance and finish at a mid-range price. Choose from the standard “classic” stainless steel, appropriate for electolysis and most other common treatments, or an anti-magnetic option suitable for the repair of small electronics. Dumont tweezers are available in the three standard sizes and four additional specialty sizes.

Dumont Diamond Grip – Also manufactured at the renowned Dumont tweezers plant in Switzerland, these popular tweezers boast the same fine quality as their namesake cousins with two additional features. First, they offer a special “Diamond Grip” finish that provides superior feel and control. Next, the tips are electroplated with minute diamond particles to provide unparalleled grip of even the finest hairs. Dumont Diamond Grips are available only in the three standard sizes.

Peer – Like Regine and Dumont, Peer tweezers offer precise Swiss engineering and craftsmanship but at a slightly lower cost. Peer are available in the three standard sizes and a 5-inch specialty length.

Viola – Manufactured in Italy, Viola tweezers offer an economical alternative to Swiss brands, making them an ideal selection for beginners and experienced electrologists and estheticians who want to keep a pair or two on hand as a backup. Viola tweezers are available in all three standard sizes and four additional ones, including longer lengths and specialty tips.

Prestige customer service reps are always happy to help you identify the tweezers best suited to your needs and budget. Best of all, Prestige offers quantity discounts of at least 2-percent when you purchase six tweezers or more in a single order! And as always, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150 or more!




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