Important Notice for SJ3 (SuperJuice3) Users

By Prestige Media Team
March 15, 2019

Update:  Great news, the manufacturer has reverted back to its previous packaging!  You can now choose between the 4 oz flip top bottle, or conveniently-packaged single-dose packets.

SJ3 is now available in two different types of packaging, so YOU can decide if you’d like to retail a single-dose application to those who desire it for $4 or $5 per treatment, or include it as part of your treatment with the 4 oz Office-sized bottle

1. Continuing to use SJ3:

It’s a great product and offers a significant advantage over topical anesthetic creams. As a liquid containing benzocaine, SJ3 provides the fastest onset time of any topical—just a few moments after application.


 2. Choosing another topical, such as Super T:

Prestige offers a variety of other topicals for you to consider. Among these is Super T, a product made by the same manufacturer as SJ3 using the same ingredients. The difference is that Super T is  a cream, requiring application up to 30 minutes prior to the treatment visit. If you’re accustomed to treating clients just moments after applying SJ3, you may want to consider changing your approach. One possibility is to sell clients a topical cream for self-application in advance of their visit. Because Super T, like SJ3, is sold in single-use envelopes, it is ideal for this purpose. Prestige sells Super T in packs of 12 envelopes for $44.80. We suggest re-selling each envelope to clients at a retail price of $5. We also recommend providing clients with clear written instructions for usage. In addition to directing the client to apply the cream to their treatment area well in advance of their visit, you will also need to instruct them in how to properly occlude the area with a film wrap.


Questions? As always, our customer representatives are ready to assist you at 800.783.7403 during regular business hours.

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